Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is Internet Access designed to meet the needs of the largest consumers of internet bandwidth. DIA service provides customers with access to different “Tier 1 IP Backbones” across Europe and North America. The service includes a complete range of port interface speeds, standard service level agreements, online performance reports, and service management capabilities.

The service is a high-speed, symmetrical, Internet Access which offers dedicated access with Committed-Access-Rate (CAR), and premium class of local and international access service quality. Customers can get the “same Upload and Download capacity” across their internet access connection.

To deliver the service, DAMAMAX establishes its own point-to-point, secured, and dedicated connection mainly via fiber optic cable directly from the customer location to our IP Network. The circuit is the customer’s alone which enables us to provide dedicated, non-oversubscribed, full-ordered bandwidth at all times.

DAMAMAX Provides the IP bandwidth service through connecting the customer network to any of its PoPs through its own fiber local loop. The last mile to the network is always a fiber link. However, in special cases where the customer is extremely out of DAMAMAX’s Fiber access network coverage, other access methods could be used through third party networks.