Optical Fiber (OF) today carries nearly all backbone traffic. It spans the globe and connects countries across all continents. The reason for OF use is its ability to carry unlimited traffic over thousands of Kilometers.

As individuals and businesses’ demand for data to continue to grow exponentially, the only technology that can provide unlimited speeds with the absolute highest quality is Optical Fiber, no other technology comes even close. High Definition TV (HDTV) requires more bandwidth as screens get bigger and resolutions higher. Optical Fiber is the only technology that can reliably transport HDTV to end users. Speed offerings can be as high as the consumer reqiers; 100Mbps, 1000Mbps and above are easily transported. Distance is not an issue as attenuation is extremely low over Optical Fiber so no matter the location of the end user is and how far from the Central Office (CO), any speed can be delivered.

Unlike copper and wireless technologies, Optical Fiber is not prone to interference and degradation of quality.