Who Are We

DAMAMAX was established in 2008 as a telecommunications provider to capitalize on increased demand for IP bandwidth capacity in Jordan. We operate an advanced national and international transmission network that connects many cities and countries; offering highly available, flexible and secure Private Lines (DPLs) that our corporate customers can rely on to consistently deliver unparalleled quality. Our corporate customers can also enjoy personalized packages with secure national and international gateways supported over TDM/SDH networks in addition to the latest IP, MPLS and carrier Ethernet technologies.

DAMAMAX was also the first to offer FTTP (Fiber to the Premises) services in Jordan. Our residential customers enjoy the fastest type of Internet you can purchase; superior to all legacy broadband connections that include ADSL, VDSL, WiMAX, and even the latest LTE/4G networks. We offer extremely high speeds exceeding 200 Mbps as well as unlimited upload and download monthly capacities, helping our customers meet all their smart home needs, allowing uninterrupted live HD movies, saving time waiting to download HD files, and smooth web browsing.

If your company is an SME, we help bring your business to a higher level. Again, we offer speeds exceeding 200 Mbps with unlimited download and upload monthly capacities, to transmit and manage all of your business communication needs on one network.

At the heart of DAMAMAX’s operations is a state-of-the-art Data Center. Built in accordance with the highest international standards, it offers secure hosting solutions. Its advanced facilities, infrastructure and services have earned this Data Center a reputation as the best of its kind in Jordan.

Whether you are looking for connectivity for your home or business, DAMAMAX is the partner of choice for all your needs. Our experienced staffs of certified engineers provide around-the-clock technical support to ensure flawless service delivery that meets your expectation.

DAMAMAX Managing Director

Eyad Abouzeid


Our mission is to provide fast, secured, reliable and cost-effective broadband solutions through Optical Fiber. While the regional mobile telecommunications business continues to mature, DAMAMAX believes the telecommunications industry will continue to witness exponential growth in broadband and data services, owing to growing global and regional demand, coupled with a low existing penetration rates in the local and regional broadband internet market

Our goal

is to establish a sustainable partnership, to help facilitate your daily operations and to fulfill both your needs and objectives.