Max Home is your best option for things like watching high-quality TV or  using cloud computing services or having internet that’s fast enough for each member of your household. To set up fiber in your home, DAMAMAX will simply lay fiber optic cables from our data center to a central area in your home, like the basement or a living room. This will allow for the internet connection to be shared among all household members, making it a much more affordable solution, while providing you with SUPER-FAST fiber! It’s a win-win situation for all.


This should be a fundamental component for corporations across the world. MaxCorp provides you with a scalable and cost-effective framework to meet the growing bandwidth requirements that come with cloud computing, video conferencing, virtual private networks, the ability to transfer big files and data, and more. To set up a fiber connection for corporations, DAMAMAX will install fiber optic cables directly from its data center to a shared area in your building and then distribute the connection to your offices and other building tenants which not only increases your internet speeds but reduces your overall cost. Max Corp is all about guaranteeing you run your corporations and your businesses faster, more efficiently and successfully.