Best Selling
100 Mbps

18.50 JOD

Upload Speed:50Mbps

300 Mbps

20.00 JOD

Upload Speed:150 Mbps

Best Selling
500 Mbps

22.00 JOD

Upload Speed:250 Mbps

1000 Mbps

30.00 JOD

Upload Speed:500 Mbps

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  • Get free months or a free repeater or a free Shahid subscription.
  • The subsicrption contains four of the above options of your choice.
  • Above monthly prices are Tax exclusive.
  • Add 1 Repeater for 1JDs/ Month Tax exclusive.
  • Unlimited Download.
  • Upload Speed is half of Download speed.
  • Commitment Period :Two Years.
  • Setup Fees: Free.
  • Static IP Fees: 100 JDS/Yr Tax exclusive.
  • For more information please call 065777740.
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